Have to Share: Pixlr-o-matic app

Oooh I know I'm a day late with this but you know what they say: Better late than never!
Today I have to share an app with you that I love to death. I got it the day I got my smartphone and I can't go without it anymore. If you're wondering what app I'm talking about and how it all works, you know what to do.


Tag: Let's get Personal (DUTCH)

Deze tag ben ik al een paar keer tegen gekomen en het leek me wel leuk om deze ook eens te doen. En weer eens een keertje in het Nederlands bloggen voor de afwisseling.  Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vinden om eens wat meer persoonlijke dingen over mij te lezen. 


MAX Blushes

MAX is probably the cheapest make-up brand I know and own products from. Like.. It's so cheap you would automatically think that the quality must suck. The very opposite is true though, so far almost every product I have of this brand is pretty awesome! Today I want to share the blushes with you, I bought them a while back because I was curious and I've been using them pretty much daily ever since. 


Have to Share: Looking for Alaska

Might be a bit late but here’s another Have to Share for you. This time I want to share a book that I read a while back called Looking for Alaska by John Green. The title could be slightly misleading (or boring even) but I must say I could not put this book down at all. I read it within 2 days, something I’ve never been able to do. The reason I wanted to read this book is because of a line I read somewhere on Tumblr that I couldn’t seem to forget, it’s probably one of the most beautiful lines I’ve ever read. That one line was the only reason I bought the book. If you’re curious you know what to do.


Review: Facefront and Medusa's Make-up

Back in April I came across some eye shadows by brands that I hadn’t heard of before called Facefront and Medusa’s Make-up. I googled around a bit and came to the conclusion that they were absolutely a must try and so I placed an order on Boozyshop. I must say that I am always on the lookout for new brands with great make-up and these two brands have surprised me in a very good way.


No Buy update + Tips&Tricks

A quick update on my no buy, how am I doing so far?

Well I am extremely happy to tell you I have not bought anything make-up or beauty related. Frankly I've been avoiding drugstores as much as I can. When I really had to go in for some Father's Day gifts I just walked passed the make-up counters and barely looked at them. I was well impressed with myself for giving make-up the cold shoulder. Yesterday it got a bit difficult when I saw an online shop had added the new collection of Facefront cosmetics that included a beautiful minty green shadow. I've been looking for a minty green eye shadow since Februari and so far haven't found the one, yet this one looks perfect! But I'm not allowed to buy it and it sucks. I'll just have to hope it isn't sold out by the time my no buy is over. 

Aren't they gorgeous!?

So now I have a few tips and tricks for you on how to handle a no buy. 


Have to Share: Brotips

I'm going to try out a new thing on here for the Mondays called Have to Share. From now on I will post something that I think you should know about and that I feel like I have to share with you. Might be a website like today, a blog, a photo I took or found online, a passage from a book, anything really. If you want to submit something for me to put up here, or at least consider, you can send me an e-mail about it. You can find that in the Contact tab above. 

So for the first Have to Share I have a website which in my opinion is totally worth sharing.

I think a lot of you might already know what I’m talking about when I say Brotips. They have been on weheartit.com and tumblr for quite some time now. The first few I read were on weheartit and I thought they were pretty awesome, most of them were hilarious even. I personally think they are great ways to tell people how it really is. They have over 2000 Brotips online for everyone to enjoy and I really recommend you look through them because they can be quite inspirational as well!

I’ll share some of my favourites with you. 


Summer Lipstick Favourites

When you think about Summer there are always a few things that pop into your head:
Sun, tanning, the beach, skirts, dresses, shaving, sunscreen, flip flops and sexy shirtless men. Okay that last may not go for everyone... But what is Summer without a nice pop of colour on your lips?

I personally prefer to wear as little make-up as possible during hot and humid days, because frankly I don't like the feel of it. But with just a but of mascara and eyeliner I feel a bit boring, so I just pop on a nice lipstick. Another plus is that it's also still visible if you plan to wear sunglasses all day.

Check out my top 10


Hardest challenge: No buy!

With a trip to Florence in my future I really need to save more money. But if here's something I'm terrible at it's saving money.. So I had sort of agreed with myself not to buy anything until my birthday, which is on the 26th of June. As I was reading up on blogs on Bloglovin I read a blogpost on Beautyfreak saying she is also going to have a no buy. So as of this moment on I am not allowed to buy any beauty products for one whole month. Worst part: I included nailpolish!

This used to be my stash..

Over the past year I developed a huge nailpolish addiction and I have bought more polishes than I could ever wear. Though I am nowhere near the amount of polishes Esther from Beautyfreak has (over a 1000!) I did reach a fair amount. Esther included a polish challenge as well, to wear 25 different polishes within the time of the no buy. I will do this as well since I have a box filled with untrieds and I am sure there's at least 25 polishes in there.

Here's what holds my nailpolishes now

The main goals for me here are: 
- Finally using all the untried polishes
- Using my make-up more, discover what I have
- Throwing out products I really don't use any more (or give them away)
- Saving money for Florence
- Learning I don't need to have everything I like

Old make-up stash photo

Of course I will have some exceptions to the no buy, I can't run out of vital beauty stuff!
- Cotton pads
- Face wipes

- Moisturizer
- Polish remover

I've tried no buys before and they never worked out for me, but I have a really good feeling about it this time. Don't worry, I have plenty of things that I can show you without buying new products! Oh and also on the 30th of June I will have a post up of the 25 nailpolishes I've worn throughout this no buy month.

Have you ever done a no buy? If so please share your story and tips in the comments!


Movies I’ve seen + short reviews

How to be

Okay so I have a thing for Robert Pattinson. Seriously when I saw the haircut I couldn’t stop laughing so I just had to see this one. The movie shows Rob in all his awkwardness, which in my opinion is adorable. He’s plays a 20 something year old guy struggling with depression and a bad relationship with his parents. It’s a really strange movie, not the best out there, but if you like Robert as much as I do or you’re into strange movies you really should watch it. Did I mention he has a British accent? WIN!

The Help

My  god, this movie was really, really good! I cried my eyeballs out and it made me feel all angry and upset. That is when I know it was a good movie, it really got to me. It displays the racism back in the day and how the African-Americans were being treated as garbage. I won’t be able to do this movie justice but I highly recommend it!! I’m thinking about reading the book as well, has anyone done that?

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Normally I don’t watch movies that are about WWII but  I’m glad I did, it was a real good one. I really think the young boys did a great acting job and the story was interesting. The ending was somewhat unexpected as I was hoping for a happy ending, but it was really good. If you’re into stories from WWII this might be a good movie for you, if you like sad movies it’s also a winner.  

Dark Shadows

This was not at all what I had hoped it to be. I mean Tim Burton movies are usually really great, Johnny Depp is an amazing actor but this time it just didn’t work out.  It’s an okay movie until you get halfway, after that it rolls downhill so fast it’s almost amazing. I can’t help but have the feeling that they just had to make a movie and they didn’t really think it through, like it was just for the money. I might even say I liked Twilight better… Oh yes, I just went there!
The Notebook

A story about a boy and a girl falling in love. He’s poor, she is rich, so of course her parents don’t approve. Though it is a very common idea I think they really did a great job on this movie. I was very touched by it, sometimes even had tears stinging behind my eyes. I  recommend this movie to all the (hopeless) romantics out there. I just wish Noah would shave his beard!

Are there any movies you recommend?