Summer Lipstick Favourites

When you think about Summer there are always a few things that pop into your head:
Sun, tanning, the beach, skirts, dresses, shaving, sunscreen, flip flops and sexy shirtless men. Okay that last may not go for everyone... But what is Summer without a nice pop of colour on your lips?

I personally prefer to wear as little make-up as possible during hot and humid days, because frankly I don't like the feel of it. But with just a but of mascara and eyeliner I feel a bit boring, so I just pop on a nice lipstick. Another plus is that it's also still visible if you plan to wear sunglasses all day.

Check out my top 10

1 Lipstick Library - Playful
2 Catrice - Pinkerbell
3 Rimmel - Funtime Fuchsia
4 Bourjois - Rose Séduisant
5 Sephora - Seduce
6 H&M - Scartlet
7 H&M - Hibiscus
8 Sephora - Crush
9 Lancôme - Violette Coquette
10 M.A.C - Up the Amp

A typical case of My Lips But Better. Pairs up nicely with a winged liner or any colour shadow really.

A bright pink with a blue tone to it. Makes the teeth look whiter but creeps into the lines around the lip.

Another bright pink with blue tone, but I love this one more. Stays on really well! And no creeping.

Less bright compared to the previous two. A raspberry pink for a kissable look.

A very sweet pale pink with a nice Summery scent to it. Gives a fresh and cute look.

And yet another pink! This is a very wearable one, it's not as bright as the photo.

A lonely red. Slightly sheer, slightly orange, very Summer! And also very wearable for those scared of reds.

Isn't this a beauty? Bold when just applied, can be toned down by blotting. Great for those Summer nights.

Amazing colour! It's pink and purple, soft yet bright. Feels like water on the lips and stays on for ever.

For those who dare. It's different in every lighting, never ever boring. Can survive a refreshing drink.

And after all that swatching I had very sad lips.

What colour would you prefer on a bright, sunny day?