Hardest challenge: No buy!

With a trip to Florence in my future I really need to save more money. But if here's something I'm terrible at it's saving money.. So I had sort of agreed with myself not to buy anything until my birthday, which is on the 26th of June. As I was reading up on blogs on Bloglovin I read a blogpost on Beautyfreak saying she is also going to have a no buy. So as of this moment on I am not allowed to buy any beauty products for one whole month. Worst part: I included nailpolish!

This used to be my stash..

Over the past year I developed a huge nailpolish addiction and I have bought more polishes than I could ever wear. Though I am nowhere near the amount of polishes Esther from Beautyfreak has (over a 1000!) I did reach a fair amount. Esther included a polish challenge as well, to wear 25 different polishes within the time of the no buy. I will do this as well since I have a box filled with untrieds and I am sure there's at least 25 polishes in there.

Here's what holds my nailpolishes now

The main goals for me here are: 
- Finally using all the untried polishes
- Using my make-up more, discover what I have
- Throwing out products I really don't use any more (or give them away)
- Saving money for Florence
- Learning I don't need to have everything I like

Old make-up stash photo

Of course I will have some exceptions to the no buy, I can't run out of vital beauty stuff!
- Cotton pads
- Face wipes

- Moisturizer
- Polish remover

I've tried no buys before and they never worked out for me, but I have a really good feeling about it this time. Don't worry, I have plenty of things that I can show you without buying new products! Oh and also on the 30th of June I will have a post up of the 25 nailpolishes I've worn throughout this no buy month.

Have you ever done a no buy? If so please share your story and tips in the comments!