Movies I’ve seen + short reviews

How to be

Okay so I have a thing for Robert Pattinson. Seriously when I saw the haircut I couldn’t stop laughing so I just had to see this one. The movie shows Rob in all his awkwardness, which in my opinion is adorable. He’s plays a 20 something year old guy struggling with depression and a bad relationship with his parents. It’s a really strange movie, not the best out there, but if you like Robert as much as I do or you’re into strange movies you really should watch it. Did I mention he has a British accent? WIN!

The Help

My  god, this movie was really, really good! I cried my eyeballs out and it made me feel all angry and upset. That is when I know it was a good movie, it really got to me. It displays the racism back in the day and how the African-Americans were being treated as garbage. I won’t be able to do this movie justice but I highly recommend it!! I’m thinking about reading the book as well, has anyone done that?

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Normally I don’t watch movies that are about WWII but  I’m glad I did, it was a real good one. I really think the young boys did a great acting job and the story was interesting. The ending was somewhat unexpected as I was hoping for a happy ending, but it was really good. If you’re into stories from WWII this might be a good movie for you, if you like sad movies it’s also a winner.  

Dark Shadows

This was not at all what I had hoped it to be. I mean Tim Burton movies are usually really great, Johnny Depp is an amazing actor but this time it just didn’t work out.  It’s an okay movie until you get halfway, after that it rolls downhill so fast it’s almost amazing. I can’t help but have the feeling that they just had to make a movie and they didn’t really think it through, like it was just for the money. I might even say I liked Twilight better… Oh yes, I just went there!
The Notebook

A story about a boy and a girl falling in love. He’s poor, she is rich, so of course her parents don’t approve. Though it is a very common idea I think they really did a great job on this movie. I was very touched by it, sometimes even had tears stinging behind my eyes. I  recommend this movie to all the (hopeless) romantics out there. I just wish Noah would shave his beard!

Are there any movies you recommend?