Review: Facefront and Medusa's Make-up

Back in April I came across some eye shadows by brands that I hadn’t heard of before called Facefront and Medusa’s Make-up. I googled around a bit and came to the conclusion that they were absolutely a must try and so I placed an order on Boozyshop. I must say that I am always on the lookout for new brands with great make-up and these two brands have surprised me in a very good way.

First up is Facefront. The green one is an Artistic Pigment and is called Meramint (yep, my first try for a minty one!). The brown one is a Pressed Eye Shadow called Muddy Bear. I thought that it would be fun to try both type of shadows to see how they were. Always happy to test it all!

Meramint isn’t exactly as minty as I had hoped it to be but it certainly is a beauty! The pigmentation is awesome and the powder itself is very fine and nice to work with. When used carefully there’s barely any fallout so I must say it is very nice to work with. Swatches will follow later on.

Muddy Bear is just a nice brown with a beautiful golden shimmer. Can’t say that I use it often because I usually go for my Sleek Au Natural palette when it comes to neutral looks. It does have good quality though, I just wish now that I had gone for a more special color that I don’t have yet. Because honestly I own a shit ton of brown shadows so I don’t know why I thought I’d play safe. Swatches will follow.

Then onto Medusa’s Make-up! This was a brand I could see myself using, it just has that alternative feel and they showed some amazingly bright colors. So I went and ordered three of their Eye Dusts to add to my loose pigment collection. Before these I only had two Barry M Dazzle Dusts so I just felt like experimenting with different colors. I also ordered the Stick It! Shadow Primer just to try that out as well.

Red Baron is vibrant. Very, very vibrant! It’s not exactly red because it has a strong pink hue to it, but my god it’s absolutely gorgeous! Not an easy color to work with though, but a lot of fun to play with.

Wasabe is the one you saw in a look a while ago. A very bright and fresh green color with a golden sheen. I actually only like green shadows when they have that gold shimmer through it, or another color, because else I just think they’re a bit boring on me.

Studio 54 is the one I got to use as a highlighter. They had a few I could choose from but I thought this one would work best for me since it has a golden glow. Warmer tones do more for my face than cold ones and this one is perfect. It’s also great as inner corner highlight, on the cheekbones and even the cupids bow!

The Stick It! Shadow Primer is a wax based one. It’s great stuff really, because the colors get much more vibrant when used with this primer. But unfortunately wax based products don’t mix well with lids that get oily throughout the day. So yes, when I used this the shadow did start creasing at the end of the day ): Not a lot, but it just doesn't happen with the MAC Paintpot. The good things about it are that it's clear when you put it on and you don't need much product so it will last you quite some time. Think it would work great for girls that don't have oily lids.

Swatch time!

Muddy Bear - Meramint - Wasabe - Red Baron - Studio 54

Facefront and Medusa's Make-up are both available at Boozyshop.nl for the Dutch and Belgian people.
The official Facefront website has a list of where to buy in other parts of the world, they also sell online and ship worldwide. On the official Medusa's Make-up website you can also order your products and I read they also ship all over the world. 

Facefront Artistic Pigment €9,95
Facefront Pressed Eye Shadow €9,95
Medusa's Make-up Eye Dust €5,95
Medusa's Make-up Stick It! €6,50 (don't see it on Boozyshop now though)

Have you ever heard of these brands? Are you interested to try them?