No Buy update + Tips&Tricks

A quick update on my no buy, how am I doing so far?

Well I am extremely happy to tell you I have not bought anything make-up or beauty related. Frankly I've been avoiding drugstores as much as I can. When I really had to go in for some Father's Day gifts I just walked passed the make-up counters and barely looked at them. I was well impressed with myself for giving make-up the cold shoulder. Yesterday it got a bit difficult when I saw an online shop had added the new collection of Facefront cosmetics that included a beautiful minty green shadow. I've been looking for a minty green eye shadow since Februari and so far haven't found the one, yet this one looks perfect! But I'm not allowed to buy it and it sucks. I'll just have to hope it isn't sold out by the time my no buy is over. 

Aren't they gorgeous!?

So now I have a few tips and tricks for you on how to handle a no buy. 

-          First of all you have have HAVE to avoid the stores. If you can’t be tempted, you won’t have to worry.

-          If you really have to enter a store make sure to stay out of the beauty section. Now this might be pretty difficult in a drugstore but trust me, just head straight for the stuff you need, grab it and run to the counter. Though maybe running wouldn’t be a good idea because it might look like you want to steal it instead of pay for it… Just pretend the make-up counters are all bad ex boyfriends you don't want anything to do with anymore and ignore them!

-          Make wishlists of all the stuff you see on beauty blogs that you want to buy. It might seem useless but to me it’s a way to get certain items out of my head. So far I have wishlists of 6 different (nailpolish) brands typed out on my laptop and an unknown number of them written down in many different notebooks. Not just from this no buy though! I just make shitloads of lists of everything really.

-          Reorganize the beauty stuff you have. Throw out the stuff that’s gone bad or that you never use. Or swatch the things you don’t use again, you might like it more now. Maybe you can trade stuff with your friends, have a swap with them. That way you can get new stuff without buying it.

A swap I did in April. Okay I did buy products to send over so it's not exactly the same.

-          Have a goal. Why are you putting yourself on a no buy? Is it because you own too much stuff or because you need to save money? Whenever you do things like this it is important to keep your goal in mind, because without a clear goal you will fail. The same goes for when you try to quit smoking, want to eat healthier or want to work out more. Just think of why you want to achieve your goal and stick to that.

I hope this might help if you ever decide to go on a no buy. You can pretty much apply these rules to anything
though, just change a few words here and there. 
Right now I’m focusing on a nice dress or other outfit I can wear to my birthday party next Saturday. H&M has
a sale going so I hope I find something!