The unusual story of Penny Rosewood VII

Hello and welcome to another chapter of the Penny Rosewood story. Last week you got to meet a few new characters, this week is pretty much the extension of last weeks chapter. 

If you missed the previous chapters I suggest you read those first
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But the two legged creature seemed really interested in her tiny handmade house. It kept walking around it, looking inside it and pulled some things out. For some reason she really wanted to be seen, but she knew that was a very bad idea.
Hours passed and eventually she fell asleep. The next morning she was awakened by the sound of birds singing and the sun shining through the leafs onto her face. She immediately remembered why she was there and what had happened the day before. So she got up and peeked from behind a tree to see if the creatures were still there. A sigh of relieve escaped her when she saw the coast was clear. So carefully she walked back to her home, scanning around the forest almost every step of the way. When she finally reached the hut she noticed a few things were out of place and she smelled a strong scent. A very nice scent, leathery with a bit of salt and musk. She wanted to keep the scent in her memory and in her tiny little house. She also decided she needed to find a way to keep her hut closed off and she wanted to be able to lock it. So she went to gather some more branches to build a door. What she didn’t know was that the two creatures were still there, watching her. The two legged creature, know to us as a male human, was really intrigued by the thing he saw. Frightened at first, just like anyone else, but the movements the creature made were very interesting. They showed many human ways of reaction to something and it walked around on two legs as well. The bigger creature next to the man was what we call a horse. A very beautiful white horse. The man knew immediately when he saw that hut that something odd was going on there, now he wanted to know everything about this creature. But he also knew that he had to keep this quiet, because once others hear about this creature it might get hurt or killed before he gets the chance to get close to it. So when darkness fell and he was done spying, he silently got on the horse and drove off. Hoping no one would see him return home.

 Hope you enjoyed! (: