The unusual story of Penny Rosewood III

Well hello there!
Chapter III is right here waiting for you! Things will definitely get weirder and more exciting so keep on reading!!!

*Chapter I*
*Chapter II*

She had a dream that night.
A dream about fire, pain, icy screams and death. Black clouds surrounding her house, torches were burning in her front yard. Dark smoke was suffocating her.
The following morning she woke up with a strange feeling, frightened would come close to describing it. Her hands were shaking when she got out of bed. She wasn’t going outside today, that was certain.
The dream really made an impact because it had felt very real to her. So when she heard someone knocking on her door she got a little scared. No one ever visited her so she thought it might be someone set out to hurt her. When there was another knock she decided to open the door slightly to see who it was.
A young woman with fiery red hair stood on her doorstep with a very kind smile. Penny had never seen her before. “Hello there miss, my name is Fiona Flame and I was wondering if you might have a cup of tea for me?” Lemony was surprised by her soft and angelic voice. She let Fiona in and made some tea for them. After a while Fiona started telling about her about the long journey she has had and the long journey that still awaits her. About the people she had met along the way and the things she had seen. Penny listened to Fiona’s story and enjoyed everything about it.
It was Penny’s biggest dream to travel and see more of the world. She was quite bored with this town after so many years. But for some reason she couldn’t leave this place. She felt like she was bound to it, the more she came to hate it. “Miss, are you all right?” Fiona got her out of her thoughts.”Oh yes, I’m fine” and she smiled to make Fiona believe her. “I was just wondering how you got to actually live your dreams... I could never just pack my things and go” Fiona looked at her and started laughing a very contagious laugh. Instead of answering Penny’s question she asked her for more tea. So Penny grabbed her cup and turned around to make more tea. She felt Fiona’s eyes burning in her back so she turned around. As soon as she realised what was happening she dropped her teapot and it shattered on the floor.

Now that was exciting wasn't it?! See you back next week for chapter IV


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