The unusual story of Penny Rosewood II

First of all, I really loved the comments on the nail art I posted yesterday (: I too was wondering about all the hair, but I think it's to cover up where the uhm.. penis is attached to the nail.

Okay back to Penny Rosewood. (: Here's chapter two!

From age sixteen to twenty she had gone through some changes.
Her bright yellow hair was almost gold, her plain brown eyes had turned into the colour of fallen leaves in autumn. Her legs were much longer, her hips were a lot curvier, her waist was slim and her chest had most definitely matured. Oh, yes. Little miss Penny Rosewood was nearly perfect. Every man in town longed for her while every woman in town loathed her. Penny loved the taste of sweet revenge and she could taste it as often as she wanted.
Now you might wonder what exactly is her revenge so I’ll explain that very clearly.

The fact that she had transformed into a drop dead gorgeous was a great benefit for her. Because she used to be laughed at and made fun of she really hated the town’s people. But now all the guys wanted to be her guy and that made her life a lot more interesting.
She flirts with the men while their wives are right there, she kisses boys in front of the girls that long for them. She even slept with all the men and left a souvenir behind for their wives to find.
On her twenty first birthday she received many letters, cards and flowers and she burned them all in her back yard. It wasn’t only a celebration of her birthday. The reason she felt so glorious was that because of her the whole town was torn apart. There were no marriages left because she caused them all to break up. Almost all the women had left town and all the men were heartbroken. Whenever she took a walk through town she could see tears in all the eyes she looked in and she could hear crying and sobbing from behind closed doors and windows.
To Penny this was the best kind of revenge, she couldn’t have dreamt it would turn out like this.

At the end of her birthday she went asleep with a smile on her face, not knowing that the life she was living would end very, very soon.

Well that was chapter two, I hoped you enjoyed it ^^
Next week chapter three will be up. Have a great day!
Chapter III

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