Pretty Little Liars Inspired: Alison DiLaurentis

Today I wanted to do a look inspired by my new favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars!
This will be up every Monday until I'm out of characters.

Today I wanted to start with Alison DiLaurentis.

This was one of the very few pictures I found and I used this for my inspiration.

Here's how it turned out.

And the products I used to achieve this look:

I used eyeshadow, black eye pencil, lash curler, mascara, blush and lipgloss.

I used this quatro  by Essence and I used the top two blues. Any blue eyeshadow will do of course.

In the picture Alison isn't wearing blush, but I used a nice peachy pink blush to give my face a bit more color.

A nice pink lipgloss to put a little pink wash on your lips and a nice shine. You could also go for a clear gloss or a soft pink lip stain.

What I tried to do is just recreate Allison's make-up look, but in my own way. I first applied the darker blue on my eyelid but it was a too dark so I put the lighter on on top. I used the black eye pencil to tight line my eyes, but a nice brown pencil would look more natural. Curled the lashes and put on two coats of mascara. I always put mascara on my bottom lashes, I know Alison doesn't have that. A soft colored blush to give some color to the cheeks. And last but not least: a soft pink gloss. (I know this one looks a lot brighter than it really is) You have to keep in mind that Alison is only 15 years old, so the make-up is just fresh and young. 

Next week: Aria Montgomery!

Do you often wear looks inspired by others, or do you create your own things?


3 opmerkingen:

  1. looks great, babe<3


  2. Ziet er mooi uit!
    Dat palletje heeft mooie kleurtjes ook <3
    Ik volg Pretty little liars ook, alleen k heb de afgelopen 1 (of 2 ?) afleveringen nog niet gezien want ik wilde ze achter elkaar bekijken :P

    Vind het zo spannend! Heb je alles al gezien? Bij welke episode ben jij?

    Ja ik ben ook kreeft =D

  3. Ik bedoel de laatste 1 of 2 afleveringen :P