Gliss Kur Asia Straight Anti-frizz Serum

First of all I am proud to to tell you that I quit smoking. Well, this is the third day so I'm still in a tough position but so far it's been easier for me than all the other attempts. *YAY*

On to the the main subject. I've never ever used a hair serum before. I didn't really need it because my hair isn't super frizzy or anything. But a while back I saw this one on sale and I was curious enough to buy it. Here's a link to the haulpost this one is in ;)

Are you curious enough to keep on reading?

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I used it the first time. The way it felt on my hand kinda reminded me of a primer by GOSH. I was afraid it would make my hair oily, so I only put it on the ends of my hair. Just combing it through with my fingers. Before my hair was a little curly because I've had it in a bun all day, after my hair was a lot straighter and very soft and shiny. This is how I mostly use it.

My hair is still a little wet from washing it

These two I made after I was done blow drying. See how frizzy and tangled it is?

This is after I used the serum. See how not tangled and frizzy it is? :P And see how sexy my face looks right there?

So my conclusion is that this is quite a good serum. I used 1.5 pumps for my hair, mainly on the bottom part.
The only thing I don't like about it, is that it does make my hair oily. That is why I don't use it on the top of my head, or just a tiny bit. The smell is very nice. It just smells very fresh but not strong at all. I smell my conditioner a lot better than the serum on my hair. The original price is €6.39 and I got it for €4,50 so that was a nice deal (: The only problem is: I'm not sure if this product is still for sale. Since I got it on sale and it said they were taking it out of the collection of the store I'm not sure if that means it'll also be taken out of the brand's collection.

Are you familiar with the use of a serum? If so, which one do you use?