Minihaul + Swatches

YAY!!! Finally the new collections by Essence and Catrice hit out stores and I was totally over the moon when I saw all the new products. I actually wanted almost everything, but I decided to take it slow and buy things at once. My mom allowed me to pick three things (I still don't have any money and I told her she should give me a present for not smoking :P) So naturally I went for the polishes (L) I'm already in love with all three of them because they're really pretty and special.

So these are two Catrice polishes and one nail art special effect topper by Essence. I took a couple of pics just because I liked them so much and I also made some quick swatches to show you guys.

490 Iron Mermaiden - 440 I wear my sunglasses at night - 02 Circus Confetti

I wear my sunglasses at night is a beautiful color and a fun song as well ^^

Circus Confetti over another polish (Sky High by Rimmel)

An artistic mess? :P
So Iron Mermaiden is a very beautiful duochrome that goes from purplish pink to yellow and green in the right lighting. It's very different from the duochrome by GOSH (purple heart) which is a lot darker. It needs only two coats to be completely opaque but you could add a third just to make it look prettier. It is a little streaky though, and bubbly as well so that is a minimal downside. But for only €2,49 that doesn't matter to me.

I wear my sunglasses at night is a very gorgeous color! It's a black with purple, green, blue and orange shimmers in it. On the nail it's pretty black and it needs some good lighting to show the shimmers. So indoors it'll probably look just black. Which is fun because it's kind of a black with a secret. Me likey! Do any of you know the song by Tiga btw? It's fun ^^ This is also a two coater. It's not very shiny, so I recommend you put a super shiny top coat over it because I think that'll be amazing.

Circus Confetti is so much fun! It has blue, green, pink, purple, silver and golden glitters. The glitters are both big and tiny and it has such a playful effect. It's great to put over another polish just to jazz it up. I don't know how many coats it'll take to become more opaque to wear it on it's own. I'm not even sure if that would work at all. I really like this one as well ^^

A very quick swatch as you can see...


After three coats it is pretty opaque and I'm really sure this will look amazing on top of a pink base (:

Do any of you own any new polishes yet?