Today I would like to share my book and movie collection. Or at least the ones I have in my own room ;)
Lots of Pictures and little talking. Some movies and books will need some explaining though.

This could only happen in a Disney movie, but I am impressed! Go Beast!

So first I'll share my movies and TV shows.

My most important collection is the NANA one. I'm in love with this anime because it's so lovely. I really recommend this if you haven't seen it yet. It's to cute not to watch. Fruits Basket (the blue box) is also a fun and cute anime. Really girly with fun characters and super cute drawing. The little figures in front of the boxes don't have anything to do with these animes, they were a gift and are just really cute.

My TV shows and a lost anime. And a glow in the dark ducky! (L) Pride & Prejudice is only there 'cause of the box.

Disney's, Tim Burton, Naruto and Ponyo. 

Somewhat "normal" movies and some comedies.

Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein, a must see! It's a classic. Fear and Loathing is also a must see.
The very light box is Bin-Jip, a Korean movie which is brilliant. It's a work of art really. But you have to like silent movies to watch this one. And Queen of the damned is my favorite vampire movie (L)

Horror movies part 1

Horror movies part 2

And now on with the books!

These are all Dutch books. The book on top is borrowed (and I haven't read it yet..)
The books from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are a lot of fun. Sometimes I enjoy reading a book without drama or that needs a lot of thinking. Undercover lover is a book that includes a lot of 18+ stuff and I found it on a shelf labeled 12+ so yeah... Glad I found it though, it was a good read.

Manga's. Fruits Basket again, I enjoy the manga just as much. Princess Ai was based on Courtney love, which I think is weird. Anyways, The other side of the Mirror is really good. I just like love stories I guess.
Eclipse and Breaking Dawn aren't mine. They are from my best friend that happened to have them in English. It's easier to read them in English I think. Oh and J-rock groupies is a photo book of awesome Japanese outfits.

My Twilight/Fantasy books. These are my own Twilight books. And I can honestly say that I was very surprised when I started reading them. Stephenie Meyer is a very good writer! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.. I can't get through it. I never can read the last part of a series, because that is like saying goodbye and it sucks. My very important Zombie Survival Guide, in case there are zombies you are safe with me ;) Coraline and Other Stories by Neil Gaiman is a MUST read. Coraline is great, but the short stories in the back are also amazing. I'm a fan!

Do you guys enjoy reading and have you read any of the books I own? And how about movies, have you seen any of them? Also I would like to hear if anyone has must reads or must see movie tips for me (: