The unusual story of Penny Rosewood I

I thought I should just give this a try.
If there isn't much response I'll just delete it from this blog and pretend I never put this online. For a while I've wanted to put up a small part of one of my stories, just to see what people think of it. I let friends read it of course, but I rather have people read it that I don't personally know. Of course there's a risk that people might hate it and that I will feel a bit.. depressed. There's an even bigger chance no one will read it because I don't think you guys like long reads on blogs. (At least not on mine I've noticed...)

Anyways, here's the first chapter of The unusual story of Penny Rosewood.
Keep on reading if you're curious!

Many, many, many, many, many years ago in a small town in Northern England, a town that was big enough to be a town but wasn’t important enough to be named, lived a girl named Penny Rosewood.

Little Penny was born with yellow hair. And not even a pretty yellow, a very bright and noticeable yellow that made her stand out from the crowd. I hear you thinking: “how can you have yellow hair?” Well, I don’t know either, but it is true. It was very yellow, not blonde or brown but really yellow. Where was I? Oh, right. Besides the hair colour she also had a very boy like appearance, big feet and a screechy voice. So you can imagine how much she got picked on by the other children. She was treated like the village idiot and laughed at every single day. And we all know that does horrible things to people. But before I get into that, let’s get on with the story.

Penny was raised by her mother until she was sixteen years old. One day after her sixteenth birthday her mother told her to move out of the house and start taking care of herself. And so she did.
She never knew her father because he passed away two months after she was born. And even though she always wondered what it would have been like if he was still alive, she didn’t miss his absence.
Her mother was just a mother to her that taught her how to cook, clean and how to act properly. But she was never ever allowed to talk about her feelings and personal things.
Because of her strange appearance and her mother she didn’t have anyone to talk to. Therefore she started talking to herself so she could at least talk to someone about what she’s been through. So when the day came that her mother kicked her out of the house she couldn’t really be bothered because she had herself and that was everyone she needed. She moved into a small cottage at the edge of town and lived her own life without anyone else. 

So far that's all you're gonna get. I know this isn't the most interesting part yet, but I can't put up everything now!

Chapter II

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  1. Ik vind het heel leuk, heb net mijn ogen open en ben er echt doorheen gevlogen!

    Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het verder gaat!

  2. @Beautista: Dat vind ik echt super leuk om te lezen ^^ Speciaal voor jou komt dan sowieso morgen hoofdstuk 2 online ;)

  3. Ik weet niet of je het tweede deel vandaag er nog op zet, anders lees ik het morgen wel (is er ook nog iets leuks te doen tijdens mn stage) :P
    Ga nu de Illusionist kijken en slapen, weltrustenn!!