Clinique 3 step review.

As I promised: a review about the 3 step skin care system.
I wanted to try this product for a very long time, but I’ve read so many bad reviews that I just didn’t dare to. But when my skin was at its worst I decided to just go for it. So I bought this mini set on the 22nd of February 2010. So I’ve had the opportunity to test it thoroughly so that my opinion would be completely honest and true. Today it’s the 24th of may 2011. That means I’ve been using this skin care system for over a year. And yes, there still is product left from the mini set.

The first 2 are from the mini set, the other is recently bought.

 Step 1: Liquid facial soap
Thorough cleansing developed by Clinique’s dermatologists for the need of skin comfortable in the cheeks/oily in the T-zone, or oily all over. Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. Non-drying.   

Step 2: Clarifying lotion
Gentle exfoliating lotion developed by Clinique's dermatologists de-flakes to reveal clearer skin. Smoothes the way for moisture. Formulas for oilier skin help sweep away oil, maintain clearer skin.

Step 3: Dramatically different moisturizing gel (DDMG)
Works to improve skin’s texture and condition after cleansing and clarifying.

So far it did not make any dramatic differences to my skin. BUT, it doesn’t make my skin feel oily at all! And that is something I had never experienced before with any other product.
I use the facial soap every morning and evening (unless I’m really tired) and it has never made my skin feel annoyingly dry. The most important thing is that you clear your face from make-up first, because it’s a very gentle soap just to clean your skin, not to remove make-up. After I washed my face I use the clarifying lotion to remove all the dirt and make-up that is still on there. But I only use it on my oily T-zone because it is a bit aggressive for my cheeks. After I sweep the cotton pad with the lotion on it over my oily face it just feels completely free of any nasty stuff and I love that feeling! My skin feels so super clean and fresh and that just feels good. After the whole cleansing and clarifying routine I put on a bit of DDMG and I can feel my skin really enjoying it. It kinda feels like when you’re thirsty and you finally have some water. Because the cleansing and clarifying does dry out your skin a little, that’s normal though. Every skin needs a little oil to feel nice so when all that is taken off it’ll feel a little dry. So yeah, I’ve used this for a long while now and I’m absolutely pleased. So pleased even that I already bought a new DDMG. That has never ever happened before: me buying something again because I liked it so much.

I also bought the Super Rescue Antioxidant night moisturizer because I wanted to have a night crème that wouldn’t leave an oily film over my face. So far I really really like that one as well. They also gave me a sample of the daily moisturizer that goes with it, the Superdefense spf25. And yes, that one is already on the to buy list.

All the products I own so far (:

I guess I can say that I’ve become a fan of the Clinique products and that’s the first time I’m a fan of a brand. Yay for Clinique! Are you familiar with Clinique products yet?


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  1. Oh ik vond die juist niet zo fijn! Die tonic prikt zo op mijn huid en staat dus een beetje te staan in de badkamer :(

  2. @beautyill: ahw das wel balen dan ): Bij mij kan het wel prikken als er een schraal plekje of iets zit, maar verder niet gelukkig. Maar het is p.p. erg verschillend heb ik al gezien.

  3. Klinkt erg goed :D 't lijken me wel fijne producten;d

  4. Great review!! Totally agree with it.