The unusual story of Penny Rosewood V

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One week later. The little cottage Penny once called home was burned to the ground. It was a pile of all her precious possessions, wood and cloth all burned and blackened. No one in the whole town bothered to clean the mess up. They all thought she got what she deserved and the burned down cottage was a nice reminder of that.
And while the tragedy of poor little Penny was dismissed as something good, somewhere deep in the woods a new creature had arrived. Something that had scared a lot of forest dwellers. It was a monster completely black from head to toe. The skin was like black snake skin and it glistened in the moonlight. It had long black hair that was dirty and tangled. But if you would look closer you would see that the creature was actually really beautiful. It could almost be human and judging only on movement I would say it was a female creature.
The creature could not speak and could not laugh. She couldn’t even smile. Her face only showed her pain and hurt. She was almost always weeping. No other animal would go near her, her weeping sounded dreadful and her appearance scared off every other creature. So she crawled to an open space in the forest and made that her home. A beautiful open space with the greenest grass and beautiful poppies all around. She managed to built herself a tiny hut out of branches and twigs, so she had some shelter. But no matter how busy she kept herself, making bouquets, building new things, strolling through the forest. She felt like the most lonely person in the world and that tore her heart apart. She hated the way she looked and therefore she knew she would never ever find a soul that would like to be with her. So every night, when there was complete silence around her little place in the forest, she cried and cried until she fell asleep. 

I feel really sorry for the poor, lonely creature. But who knows, maybe things will change for her! Find out next week (: