Yesterday's Hairdo

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day.I had to go out and decided to do my hair in a messy bun. The result was actually really fun. A little 50's style I think, the only thing that was missing was a decent winged eyeliner (cause this one was shitty!) and red lips instead of pink. But then again, bright pink lips are pretty hot this summer so..
Anyways, if you would like to see it.. you know what to do (:

The most important thing for me to do is do my hair in a bun after showering. Of course I can't do that every time, 'cause I don't always shower in the evening. But when I do I let it dry up in a bun. The next morning I take the bun out and BAM! Nice curly hair with volume. When it's like that, it's a lot more manageable. Oh and I edited the picture so you could see more clearly what it looks like.

So this was at the end of the day, I didn't have time to take pictures right after I was done. As you can see it's a super messy bun, in the beginning it was a little less messier. How I make that bun is different every time, because my hair just has it's own will and it makes the decisions :P This time I made it by hanging my head up side down and just grab the hair and twist the hairband/scrunchie/whateverthatscalled?! around it. After that I wanted to have something extra 'cause it looked a bit boring. So I added one of those headbands that have those iron wires in them. Those are super easy to to bend around your head or around your bun/ponytail. I have three of these, all cute floral prints, from the super cheap store: Action. I swear these were €0,78 cents or something. And really fashionable as well ^^

So this is a better look at the updo, and I really really liked it. I would seriously make a tutorial video about it, but I have a problem. I cannot, really CANNOT redo this hairdo. And I'm super annoyed because I really liked it. ): BOOO!!! I will be practicing my ass off from now on to get this right again and then I will make a tutorial ^^ Oh and I will do a post about the nail polish, because I'm in love with it and I have to show you!

How do you like to wear your hair when it's sunny?