I'm walking on sunshine!

No really, I feel like seriously walking on sunshine or something! (:
Why does everything seem to be a lot more fantastic when the sun is shining? Awesome!!

Anyways, today a quick FOTD and an OOTD... Well for as far I can take pictures of my own outfit :P
Just wanted to show off my awesome pink jeans and my almost matching lipstick.

Well I said the lipstick was ALMOST matching the jeans :P  And that was pretty much the outfit. Top to bottomt: Cheap ass fake leopard print all stars, pink jeans from DIDI for like.. €9,- and also a cheap ass t-shirt that I never wear from C&A, also on sale. So a very cheap ass outfit... Which is rare, since I barely ever find something cute on sale.
The eye make-up is supah easy, just a brown eye shadow and black mascara ♥ On my lips I'm wearing my favorite lipstick again: Rimmel Colour Show Off lipstick in Love Me. And yes, I love it (: But you guys knew that already right? Oh and of course I'm wearing blush! Almost forgot.. It's H&M Tawny Rose, one of my favorite blushes.

Sooo.. What do you guys think of my OOTD? Is it any good, or should I never do this again?