NOTD Boundless Berries and Candy Kisses

Last night I went through my polish stash and I made a list of mani's I wanted to do. Simply because I never ever know what I should do. So today I tried to layer a polish. I used NYC Boundless Berry because I wanted to give it another try. I layered Essence Candy Kiss over it, because I thought they would match very nicely together. Wondering what it turned out like?

So, as you can see, the Candy Kiss makes Boundless Berry totally different. I think the new color that it turned out to be was really pretty. First two pictures are in sunlight, second two in shade. Of course the pictures don't do this color any justice. But still, I will be taking it off because it just looks sloppy and I'm really dying to put on another color.

So, this NYC Boundless berry. I'm not a fan! It is way too watery and it needs about 3 coats to be opaque. The color is quite pretty, so therefor I won't throw it out, but I will not use it very often. I'm just wondering if all NYC polishes are like this. If you have an answer to that question, please drop it below in the comments!

The Essence Candy Kiss is an iridescent sheer polish. It has a soft pink/creamy white base color and a warm pink/purple color. It has tiny silver glitters in it as well. It doesn't apply as streaky as I expected it to be, which is a big plus. I will definitely be trying this one over different polishes.

I will be doing a few comparisons between a few polishes I own. Between a couple of dark purples, light purples and light pinks. But I'm not sure when I will be doing this, since I don't want a polish overload this week.

What's on your nails right now?