Meet my new best friends: Minnie & Daisy ♥

I know, I know... There was supposed to be a PLL make-up look and a video. Well unfortunately for some stupid reason (okay it was me!) the video got deleted... So yeah at first I was pissed off, but then I could laugh about it since it's so typically me. Imma n00b sometimes, but I do feel a bit bad about not having my video up. And right when I was making this post all of a sudden I had no more Internet. So pretty much everything went wrong with posting today.. I friggin hate mondays!!!

I do have a wonderful post about two polishes I begged my mom to buy me. Because the moment I saw those bottles I was in love. Keep on reading if you would like to meet Minnie and Daisy (:

First of all, aren't these the CUTEST polish bottles ever?! I saw them from quite far and I was just drawn to them. I've never been a big Minnie Mouse fan, nor a big Daisy Duck fan. I was and still am a Disney Princess lover! But I swear, the cute bottles together with really gorgeous colors just made me want these two beauties.

Let's introduce you to Minnie first.

Minnie is a really pink polish, like the in your face type of pink.The pictures don't do her justice at all! I would say it's a neon pink, but that's not entirely true. I'm wearing two coats and it was a dream to apply. It's a cream polish without anything else. No hidden shimmer or whatsoever. But it doesn't need that, since it's gorgeous on it's own. I was really surprised by it, because it is even brighter on my nails than it is in the bottle.
Pure pink love! 

And I'd also love you to meet Daisy! She is a really special polish with more to her than you'd think at first. I'd say a very nice surprise!

Oh yes, this one has gorgeous hidden shimmers!  I wasn't sure about it in the store, but at home and on my nails I definitely noticed the pretty shimmers. I must say this is the weirdest polish I've seen so far. In the bottle it is really light gray, but it tends to get a little more taupe or slightly green even in different lighting. And yet it isn't a duo chrome or iridescent polish. I'm slightly amazed by it and I just really love it. After two coats this one is pretty opaque, but I put a third coat on just to make it look better. It applies really good, not streaky or anything. Only thing is that it got really bubbly and all. But I still have to figure out if that's because of the polish or because of the new base coat I had underneath. But no matter what, I really like this color as well! 

I bought these two polishes at H&M for €2,95, which is the normal price. But I think these bottles have more polish in them than regular H&M polishes. 13 ml to be exact, so these are very budget proof!

What do you think of these cuties?