Pretty Little Liars Inspired: Hanna Marin

Yay! Hanna Marin (: I think she's a really pretty girl and has the most fun make-up. Hefty Hanna turned into a gorgeous girl and she gets the hottest guy of the show so far! (: Lucky Hanna! Well here is the picture I used, but to be honest I can do this look with my eyes closed. Well, not literally but this is pretty much my everyday look.

I'm having waaaaay to much trouble with blogger and youtube at the moment and I just gave up on trying to upload the friggin video here. It just won't work and I'm about to throw my laptop up against a wall. Instead of doing that I'll give you guys a link to my channel so you can see the video and all the other ones as well.

Visit my channel @NakedNena and be sure to subscribe!! I've been through Hell with this one, it's the least you can do (A)

Okay picture time.

Don't worry, I'm not really crying my eyeballs out here (: My eyes were tearing up from being outside and yawning as well and since Hanna cries quite a few times... I figured it would be a fun picture to take.

A list of products I used:

Etos Eyeshadow base
Miss Sporty - 101 (or 411?)
Essence Quatro - Ciao Bella!
Essence Black Mania carbon black eyepencil
Essence Black Mania carbon black mascara
Catrice Lashes to Kill mascara

Essence Crazy About Colour blush - 01 Colourmania
H&M Lipstick - Don't make me blush

I hoped you guys liked it! I'm just really glad I got this over with and I'm not looking forward to next Monday. I will get really frustrated again! I'm just happy I can finally relax in the sun and have something to drink.