Catrice Wishlist

I am all about making lists. I am all about thinking of things I want to have. So yes, making wishlists is something I do a lot of the time. Almost all of those are make-up related, almost never fashion related. This time I made a wishlist for the Catrice products I want really bad. Most of them are still available (:
If you are curious to the things I want so badly, keep on reading.

These are all face products. I really want to try the two new foundations, 'cause I've heard quite good things about them. I also think I have a good chance of finding one close to my skin tone for once. The Skin Finish powder also seems like a good product. I think this is the one they used to have, just in a new packaging. They may have changed it a little but I'm sure it's almost similar. And of course I want the highlighter of the new Enter Wonderland LE. This one's called Fairy Dust. That's also the name of my favourite China Glaze polish! (: I just think this one will look really pretty on my skin (or anyone else's really). I just hope it is still available here, but I doubt it.

Lip products. The first two lip products are from the upcoming LE called Papagena. They're called Crystal Clear Gloss Sticks and they should give you shiny lips with a hint of color. So they are pretty much tinted glosses, like ones I have. The only thing I like about these is that they are lipstick shaped and so I dont have to use my fingers to apply them. And they just look really cool like this!
I also really want some of the Colour Show lipglosses. For example this purple one (it's no 050 in case you were wondering) because it looks so pretty. I know these glosses have quite good pigmentation and are very comfortable to wear. I was also really pleased about some of the new colors the came up with for the lipsticks! The Ultimate Colour lipsticks are so awesome and they have really cute names as well. Too bad they don't mention the names on the website, it would make remembering them a lot easier.

These pretty lashes from the Enter Wonderland LE were on my wishlist for ages. I'm pretty sure I'll never get my hands on them, but I can dream right? They have a really pretty shape and the butterflies are just way too cute! I wouldn't easily use these though, because most lashes are too wide for me and I don't want to cut any bit off these beauties.

These are also from a LE, the new upcoming Papagena collection. It's all about urban jungle. Not a great jungle fan myself (eww insects and other nasties!) But these lashes remind me of the beautiful birds that you can find there. These are feather lashes and they look one hell of a lot easier to cut. I'd almost say I'd kill to get my hands on them, might actually buy 2 pairs, just in case (: I just really like fake lashes ^^

Of course the lists wouldn't be complete without polish! Seriously.. I like the new polishes they added to their standard collection, but there aren't a lot of polishes that I have to have. They're all pretty plain and kinda.. Been there done that. And the ones that were special looking (Iron Mermaiden, I Wear my Sunglasses at Night) kinda disappointed me. BUT! There are three polishes on their way (Papagena LE) and I really like them! Yeah, I can see there are four in total, but the purple one doesn't really get me excited. I already own a couple of purples, it doesn't get me all siked. The green ones on the other hand.. YAY! Also, you can't definitely make a mistake about the brand, since they put Catrice all over the damn place! The colors are (I think it's the same order as well)

C01 Enter the Undergrowth
C02 Welcome to the Jungle
C03 Amazonian Gold
C04 Bird of Paradise
I really like the army green type of colors. I don't own many greens and these are just really pretty (:

Okay that was it (for now..)
Do you guys have Catrice products on your wishlists? If so, which ones?
Or do you guys own any products from my wishlist? And if so, are they any good?

Oh and I hope you all had a great Mother's Day (: