Essence Eyeshadow Base review

Wow.. two posts in one day? Has she gone mad?!
Nope, don't worry! I just couldn't wait to post this!

I bought the Eyeshadow Base from the new Essence You Rock! LE and I wanted to share it with you.
So far this is the third eyeshadow base I tried and it's the second one I liked.

What does Essence say about this base?
from the kings of leon to the beatsteaks, you're going to need an eyeshadow that stays in place for every musician that hits the stage. this base keeps your eyeshadow right where it belongs and even intensifies its shine! rock on, baby – this party is far from over!
And on the back of the bottle it says: Eyeshadow base for long-lasting and intense colour effects.

As you can see, if you look closely, the base has a lovely golden shimmer to it. You can also see that it's a colored base and not a clear one.

This is what it looks like on my hand, very pale and far from my skin color. But this fades when you blend it into the skin. All that's left is a gorgeous golden shine. That's why this base is also perfect as a highlighter on the brow bone. I would also just use it on the lids when I'm just going for a simple winged eyeliner, because it adds a gorgeous shine and shimmer. 

I'm sorry for the crappy picture! I used Catrice Grey's Philosophy and Essence Chacalaca (Whoom Booom LE) to swatch on the base. Grey's Philosophy is not a very visible color and it's matte. Chacalaca is quite a dark but bright color with silver glitter.  I was curious about what the base would do to a matte eyeshadow that's not very visible and what it would do to one that's visible by itself. 

Without eyeshadow base
With eyeshadow base
Left = Without / Right = With
Yeah I know, not the best pictures in the world. I just had horrible lighting and the camera didn't want to focus up close so... This was the best I could do unfortunately. SORRY!
As you can see Grey's Philosophy shows up a bit better on the base and it has a pretty shimmer to it. I really like what this base does to my eye shadows. I tried it Saturday night when I went out dancing and it lasted the whole night. No creasing or whatsoever, it all stayed perfectly in place. So for me this is definitely a winner. 

This Eyeshadow Base in 01 Rock Chick's Base is a part of the You Rock! LE by Essence. It's not a part of the regular collection, so if you want it you should get it quick (: It'll cost you only €1,99 which is not a lot. The bottle has 2,1 ml but this will last you a loooong time.

Btw, the nailpolish I'm wearing in the second picture is also from the You Rock! collection. It's called Love, Peace and Purple and is supposed to be a dupe of the well known Paradoxal by Chanel. And from the comparisons I've seen it's pretty close (: If you want a post about this polish, feel free to ask.

Do you use an eyeshadow base?
Oh and would you like to see a Eyeshadow Base comparison between GOSH, Etos and Essence?