March Favorites

I figured that if I wanted to do a favorites of the month this was the time. Just in time, since April started already. I will share with you some make-up products I really liked or rediscovered this month and some beauty products. Oh and I also want to share my new favorite sweater! ^^
See you after the jump (:

The Miss Sporty eyeshadow is a really, really old one and I rediscovered this one. It doesn't have a name, it's either no. 101 or no. 411. But it's a gorgeous brown with a nice shimmer and good pigmentation. The pink eyeshadow from the Denim Wanted collection, palette 03 I Love My Jeans,  is a very nice warm pink. I used it often when I didn't want to do a full make-up look to bring some warmth into my eyes. I haven't tried the gray one yet. The kajal pencil in 08 Teddy is also something I rediscovered. It's a great eyeshadow base but also a lovely liner.

Teddy, Miss Sporty and Pink (I love my jeans)

I rediscovered the Essence matt topcoat and I've used it quite often this month. Trying a lot of polishes I've never seen with a matt topcoat or some fun combo's with matt and shiny topcoats. Here's something I did last night.

Bottom two: Latte 2 Go H&M
Top two: Peppermint Fusion H&M + Essence nail art striper.

The Catrice mascara is one I've been using for a while and it just gives nice volume and length to my lashes. They almost are lashes to kill for! :P

I allready did a review on the hair serum and the clinique products. The nicotine patches were my heroes the past week! They will probably remain my heroes this week as well, until I am completely ready to become nicotine free. Vaseline essential moisture is so far one of the best body lotions I've ever tried. It moisturizes very well and is absorb into your skin in no time. It also has a nice smell and doesn't feel sticky on your skin. Great stuff! And the cotton pads are the ones from Demak' up. They have a structure on one side that makes removing make-up even easier. It takes off more dirt then a regular cotton pad.

The structured side

And last but not least: I got this sweater from my mom 'cause it was on sale and because I really loved it. When I tried it on I fell in love and now I wish I could wear it every day. Best part: it's a Medium!!! Normally, when it comes to H&M sizes I need at least a Large or even bigger (which they never have!) and now I could fit into a size M ^^ *hooray* Well it is a big sweater, but at least I feel a lot slimmer hehe :P

Yes, the picture was edited and it's not as blue in real life. I just really really LOVE the sweater (L)

Do you guys use any of the products listed above?