Behind the scenes snapshots

I have no idea how to call this, nor do I know if I will do it frequently.
But I've done it before and since I got a few beauty related pictures on my phone I though I'd share ^^


I have a bad habit: peeling the polish off my nails. Still it beats nail biting! Here's what's left of my NANA nail art from a looong time ago.

And right after I peeled off the nail polish, I did a manicure (: I love doing this every once in a while! And you can see a piece of my old laptop, which I still miss sometimes. I should show you my new one soon. It's funny though, this bowl of water it super close to my laptop, yet nothing happened. The glass of water that did ruin my laptop was near the end of the table.. Imagine that!

This.. is my serious face. Hehe no this was a preview I did for myself for my Junk-E make-up look (tutorial here). I like dark make-up!

A butt ugly picture, but I really liked my make-up here. Was wearing fake lashes while going out ^^ First time I got a lot of compliments on my make-up look! I should try lashes again, next time I go out (:

Okay, I admit I'm quite the cam wh*re sometimes! Tried on orange lipstick for the first time. I liked how it looked, especially paired with the yellow polish. But the lipstick itself isn't very good in my opinion...

Another make-up look, black and white this time. Not the best, but blending without a blending brush can be pretty darn hard!

Licence plate in Budapest. If you're Dutch then you probably will think this is pretty funny (: Especially if you have seen New Kids and/or are from Noord-Brabant! I think it's pretty bad ass to have this as a licence plate ^^ Dèh hedde gij goed gedoan KUT!

NOM! A nice glass of Bailey's! I don't drink Bailey's often because I usually drink wine, but when the wine is bad you try something else :P This was in a 24/7 pub in Budapest (:

Mr. Einstein build out of friggin legos! In the Árkád mall there were a lot of things made from Lego like this. there was a huge Darth Vader as well and they had build Budapest completely out of Lego as well! Pretty cool (: It reminded me of the days I used to play with Lego all the time, building cute little houses. I also owned a few bit of Harry Potter legos :D

A mask I will be reviewing for you in a while (: It doesn't look pretty, but it's good I tell ya!

Still wearing 'em! I'm always curious how long these thing will last before I either get sick of them or before they break.

Making Serena's (Beautylab!) Sweet & Chili steak salad. I can tell you: this is a total winner! Best dinner I had in a while! :D Here's the link the the recipe (in Dutch..)

First time sponging my nails. I rather like how it turned out, but I do need to try it some more. Will be doing a post on this soon as well!

Seriously my most favorite shoes! Sooo comfortable and fun to wear. I've had these shoes for ages! Can you guess what brand they are?

My favorite ring. Bought it for myself as a Christmas present last year and I've worn it ever since. I had a silver ring on that finger before, from my ex bf, but I wanted something that wasn't his. I fell in love with this ring the moment I layed eyes on it, so of course it had to be mine :D

A picture of me and my little brother (: He's not so little anymore though, about the same height as me :P We look nothing alike on the outside but we have a lot of similarities personality wise. I don't always show it, but I do love him a whole damn lot!

And today I decided to reorganize my polish stash. It was a hell of a job and frankly, it didn't get any better. Since the last time I showed you my polish stash it has grown a lot! Back then it was 70 polishes and after throwing maybe 2 out and buying tons more I am currently at 126! Ohmy.. I have been buying a lot... 
If you know any good way to store a (fast growing) polish stash, please share in the comments (: Oh and if you want me to do a new video on them, please let me know (:

Well, this was it! Some "behind the scenes" pictures to take a look into what I do besides being stuck behind my laptop/working/shopping/sleeping/bloggin.

Do you think I should do more of these? If so I will of course take more interesting pictures to really show you what i do besides blogging and beauty related stuff (:

Happy Monday!