Sziget 2011

Sorry for this late post! Tried to do it earlier but had problems with my internet.. As usual..
Anyways here are some pictures I took at the Sziget festival in Budapest (:

Enjoy the ride!

The first day we went to the festival was only for one artist. The dude you see in the picture above: Prince!
I was sooo thrilled when I heard he was performing, even though I only know like 2 of his songs and that wonderful *ahum* movie Purple Rain. His concert was EPIC! It started around 19:00h (well.. more like 19:30 tbh.. Fashionably late my ass!) and ended around 23:00 ish. The cardboard box that held the sign "LOUDER!" was really cool, he really got the audience going while they were waiting (: The girl crying is one of the most epic pictures I took during the whole festival. I wanted to take a picture of Prince on the screen but when I pressed the button all of a sudden I had a crying girl ^^ Oh and he also played an epic song by Moris Day and the Time called Jungle Love. If you haven't heard, definitely youtube it, or go see the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Gnomes represent at Floggin Molly! No clue why they brought it, but it sure was funny ^^ Great show as well! Even though I don't know many of their songs, I could dance plenty!

Another band I saw was Rise Against. I had never heard of them, but one of our group wanted to see them. I'm glad I came with to watch their show because I really liked it. Normally this type of music is a bit too much for me, but live it's pretty awesome!

And omg I got to see Motorhead play live! My dad was a little jealous ^^ No, I'm not really a Motorhead fan but I wanted to take some pictures for my dad. Instead of just taking pictures we just stuck around for the whole show. I had some close-up pictures of the singers' face, but I'll spare you from seeing those (: I did get my dad a T-shirt and he was really happy with it ^^

3 Feet Smaller!!! I looked this band up on youtube to see if they would be fun to see live. I've never been happier that I did! And their show was really cool. The singer really played with the audience and made them do stuff like freeze in weird poses and he even walked off stage to play guitar in the middle of the moshpit ^^ Only cool bands do that :P

Of course I had to see Good Charlotte! This was my first real concert when I was around 14 and starting out as a little goth ^^ Back then I was totally into them and therefor this band was high on my to see list. They even played Hold On, a song I used to cry to when I was being all emo back then :P It was pretty cool to see them again. It also made me realize I had really bad taste in men back then. Billy (in the white shirt) was my crush for a while... Trust me, he's not cute anymore! Oh and fun facts: Joel Madden, the lead singer, has a baby with Nicole Richie. Benji Madden, his twin brother and singer, was engaged to Paris Hilton... Yeah I think their taste in women is pretty bad as well.

Chemical Brothers. Was pretty cool, but after a while the music got old. I'm glad I saw them though, because I still really love their music on CD ^^

Dizzee Rascal ^^ Oh yeah I was that close. This was a pretty cool show as well, because these guys had sooo much energy! Bouncing around like they had been drinking Burn all week :P

I did not take pictures of every band that I saw, simply because I didn't always think about it. The bands that I saw were: Prince, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, Dizzee Rascal, Flogging Molly, Good Charlotte, Gogol Bordello, Kaiser Chiefs (well.. a little), Lostprophets, Motörhead, Skunk Anansie (one of the best concerts I have EVER seen! She is amazing!!!), Zombie Nation and a few unknown bands that I pretty much forgot. Still it is quite a list ^^

And this is what my nails looked like on the last day ): A lot of them broke or were very weak, nailpolish was coming off super easy.. They still haven't recovered.

The four of us all agreed that we would not be spending our nights on the camping there. We are all very happy we didn't because we heard some creepy stories. People sleeping with bugs all over their tent, no good night rest, tents that get robbed, stuff that just gets taken out and thrown around your tent... And of course no decent showers, beds, toilets etc... Hotels in Budapest are pretty cheap as well, so why would I even bother going through all that if I can go back to a nice bed and a decent bathroom?

So tell me guys: Have you ever been to a festival? Do you want to go to Sziget?

Hope you have a great weekend!