Nana Nails

I'd like to announce first that my Franken polish is named! It's now known as Nana's first love. (:

Anyways, yesterday I finally did a full mani with Essene - Wanna Kiss? It's a really cute soft pink pastel color.
But after a few hours of wearing it I thought it was quite boring.
It does apply like a dream and I only needed two coats to get it perfect. But still... I wasn't too happy with it all by itself.

Look how cute it is! I'm a fan of pastel polish, but this pink does get a little boring after a while. Yup, I had to go for some nail art. After thinking about it almost all day I figured out what I wanted to do and went for it.
Oh I know you're getting curious so keep on reading for the results (:


Outside in the sun
Left hand

Left thumb up close. It's not a "t" but it's the kanji for 7
Right hand. On my thumb is the kanji for 8
So as you all can see I wrote NANA on both my hands and two kanji's. A kanji is the Japanese sign for a letter or a number. Nana actually means 7 in Japanese. And the Anime I'm completely crazy about has two girls named Nana. Only one of them is called Hachi, which means 8, so it doesn't get too confusing. I hope that made sense because I'm not very good at explaining things.

Last night I had a genius moment and I made the best picture ever! Well.. In my eyes it's just really awesome.

Oh yeah! Nananana BATMAN! :D I just could not resist. For the record, Batman is not my favorite superhero... His muscles are pretty fake :P

So tell me, who is your favorite Superhero?
I think mine is Superman, 'cause his disguise is a nerd! (: