I was removing pictures from my phone to put them on my laptop. While I was going through them I figured I'd share some of them with you. I've seen it on a couple of other blogs and I personally really like to have a little peek into some one else's life. The pictures are from last year to a few weeks ago.
I have quite a few of them, hopefully you don't mind (:

Carnaval 2011
Babylon Circus was performing @ 013 Tilburg. I really love their live performances cause they are so amazing and talented! Also this is extremely happy music :D

My attempt to graffiti... That was all I could come up with, but I rather like how it turned out.

Freely translated the text says: Enjoy it while you still can.
I didn't really get it at all! :P
Found this in a bathroom stall @ 013 Tilburg.

It's funny when your plate is smiling at you (:

My red pretties! I still can't believe they were only €9,-

Carnaval 2011 as Snow White

This is exactly how I like my bugs! Dead and pinned to a piece of cardboard.

Some Green Tea with Cranberry and a lot of honey for my sore throat

Scraping off wallpaper at my moms flat. I actually enjoyed it.

Outside reading a book. Can you guess what book it is?

My pretty kitty accompanied me outside (:
I love that crazy cat!

Oooh! Sneak peek into my shoe collection

Moar shoes!

Was watching the Walking Dead. Gotta love zombies!
I tried to take a picture when there was like limbs being ripped off and all, but that didn't work out ):

My first real attempt to dotting. Trust me, it looks better in this pic than it did on my nails...

I found this car somewhere near my street and I fell in love.
Would like it for my birthday, but I don't even have a license :P
I'm just a sucker for old American cars!

And that was a little sneak peek into my life. I hope you enjoyed it ^^
Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see this more often!