Snog, Marry, Avoid? How NOT to do make-up!

I was totally inspired by this TV show to do a make-up look.
First I'd like to share a part of the show, so you can get an idea.

So now you probably have an idea what kind of look it will be.
Honestly I HATED this look on me!

I tried to pose as much as those girls normally do, even tried the duck face thingy..
Now look at all the nasty ass stuff that came off my face!

So the right side of my face is clean, the left still has all the bronzer and tons of mascara on. This is the first time I've ever said this but I really liked my face a lot better WITHOUT make-up. Ugh...

All you need for this look is a darker foundation, loads of bronzer (preferably with glitters!), lots of blush, a really light milkshake lipstick and layers and layers of mascara. I used about 4 layers, I could have done more but I was allready grossed out by this. Tons of mascara just gives you those spiky spider-leg lashes. Oh so classy!

Please girls, less is more! Bronzer is NOT supposed to be used all over your face and also mascara is supposed to be applied lightly. And of course blusher should be applied lightly as well. Do not use white eyeshadow as a highlighter! Use a pretty champagne/skin tone color with a bit of shimmer. Oh and that lipstick... It's never a good idea.

This was edited a lot more, to really make myself look orange.
I really, really hate it! :P
My camera did as well because almost all the pictures I took came out super blurry.

What do you guys think about girls that look like that?
Is it okay or is it absolutely horrible?

Lots of love,