New Products: Catrice

Budget brands Catrice and Essence are once again renewing their collections. Just like last time they have a bunch of interesting things coming up! Some stores already renewed everything, others haven't.
Instead of showing you all the products they will be selling I'll share my wishlists.
The wishlist is based on what I saw online, so there might be slight differences with the real products.

Today I'll show you Catrice products.

Catrice added a bunch of pretty mono eye shadows. The quality of Catrice eye shadows is pretty good for a budget brand. Nice color pay-off and good staying power. Here are the new ones that I would like to own one day, in random order.

Don't Lie, Lac!

Luke SkyStalker

My First Copperware Party
Talk Like An Egyptian
Pretty basic colors, except for Don't lie, Lac! and I'm sure they won't disappoint. There are more new colors, but these are the ones that, based on the picture alone, interest me the most.

Next up are the ultimate Nail Laquers. These polishes are very good as well, nice consistency and a wide variety of colors. The newer colors are slightly disappointing, but still there were a few pretties!

Grey's Kelly
Beavis & Mud-Head
I'm A Star
It's Rambo No. 5
Blues Brother Vol. II

Marilyn & Me
They added a few great colors for fall and winter, but most of them look pretty boring in the pictures (and in store as well!) so I don't really want them. These few were the only ones that really stood out for me.

And then two randoms that don't really have a category right now, since it's just a few.

Fake It! False Lashes Mascara
Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner
In Love With A Robot
Sherlock & Khaki Holmes

I love trying out new mascaras. Right now my favorite ones are by Catrice and Essence (yes, I really love these brands!). This one looks promising so I'm very curious!
The primer looks interesting. I'm afraid to use primers because most of them make my skin very oily, but this one will be pretty cheap so I want to try it anyway.
The gel liners by Catrice are really good, so of course I want to have more (: These are the only new ones I believe and they are both pretty.

So far I think most of the "new" products coming up are pretty good. When it comes to color I do think that they played it very safe because most colors are very neutral. Overall I'm most happy about the polishes (duh) and the mascara. All pictures are from the Catrice website!

Here I'll give you a list of countries where Catrice is sold:


Check this site for the stores: Cosnova

Have you seen the new stuff yet? Are there things you'd like to try?