May Haul

I didn't do much shopping this month, but still I have a few items I'd like to share. A lot of things from the Essence You Rock! LE, a few on sale things and some necessities. I divided them into three sections: Beauty, Make-up and Polishes.

Etos sunscreen with spf15! I was able to pick this up for free if I liked their Facebook page, so that was pretty cool (: I didn't have any sunscreen yet so a free one is always good! I'd normally go for spf20 but they were out of those.

Essence You Rock! LE Refreshing Spray. This is pretty much a body splash, only with a very light scent. It's called Rock Chick's Refresher, very simple and maybe not very necessary but hey.. Why not? I like this spray because it's very refreshing and the scent is very  fresh as well. Yummm!

Essence You Rock! LE Eyeshadow Base. This one's called Rock Chick's Base. I am a very big fan and I have absolutely no issues with creasing or whatsoever. You can find my review about this product here.

Essence Return to Paradise Eyeliner pen. Found this one on sale and was really impressed by the lovely color. I think this one is called Back to Paradise but I'm not a 100% sure. This one's from a LE that was launched in 2010 and cost me only €1,-

Another on sale item. A Catrice eyeshadow from the Floralista LE. This one was the LE in February and is called Berry Fairy. Here you can see it in action and a swatch.

Of course I bought polishes... I numbered them to make it easier.

1. Essence - King of Mints (You Rock!)
2. Essence - Let me in Pink (You Rock!)
3. Essence - Love, Peace and Purple (You Rock!)
4. Catrice - Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat
5. GOSH - Fix Base Coat
6. 2True - Basecoat & Ridgefiller
7. Essence - Chacalaca (Whoom! Booom!!)

I am a big fan of Love,Peace and Purple. It's the so called Chanel - Paradoxal dupe and it is preeeety! The Gosh basecoat is a back up since it was on sale. The 2True ridgefilling basecoat was a very nice surprise, because it really does it's job. Also I am seriously amazed by Chacalaca! This one is opaque in 1 coat and dries within seconds... I mean WOW! I still did not wear it as a full mani but I will soon (: Oh and the Catrice topcoat is a tiny disappointment. Yes, it's super shiny but it doesn't dry quick and it is super bubbly! I think it's time for me to order some INM or Seche Vite!

So these were my purchases for this month. Not a whole lot (compared to what I'd normally buy).
I did not get anything from the Catrice collection, I wanted the lashes but that would've been a waste of money.

Are there any products you'd like to see a review or swatches for?