Purple Disappointment

Last night I decided to polish my nails before bed time. I had one that I was dying to wear so I couldn't wait!
So after I was done with everything and applied a top coat I was all happy and excited about how beautiful this polish was on my nails. 
Very satisfied I went to bed, unaware I would be waking up to this:

Sheet marks and bubbles ladies and gentleman! HOW?
I haven't had this happen to me ever since I learned how to properly do my nails, which was like 4 years ago at least. 

And I know it wasn't the top coat I used, because I've used this one for about a year now without any trouble. Well not the same bottle, but the same brand.. So it had to be the polish. I googled around for a bit and I read a couple of times that it is very slowly drying. There's my problem!
Even though it felt dry to the touch, it wasn't completely dry underneath which will cause bubbles, sheet marks, dents and other uglies. How can you prevent this from happening?

Be patient... Be very, very patient when applying a polish that dries slowly. You could also try to layer, so base coat first and then a thin layer of colour, then a thin layer of quick drying top coat, another layer of colour and so forth and so forth. I really do recommend using thinner layers when doing this because they won't need as long to dry as thick layers. Or you could just not use if, that is all up to you. 

The polish I was wearing is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color in Purple Potion. That is one long ass name! To be honest I was disappointed that it wasn't as quick drying as I am used to. But it really is a true beauty though, so I won't mind putting extra effort into making it work. 

Have you ever had this problem with polishes before?