Newer lay-out + Comment system is back!

Hello lovely!

How are you today?

So yesterday I put up a new lay-out, one of the newer ones by Blogger. I was totally happy with how it looked all clean and fresh so I put it up on my blog. After posting last night I realized that it was not possible to leave a comment with these lay-outs. What the frig?

After trying every possible thing I could think of I went to bed frustrated, secretly hoping it was just not visible to me and you were able to comment. But this morning I received a tweet telling me they weren't able to comment on my posts. I got that moment where I just wanted to fall down on my knees screaming NOOOOOO all dramatically because let's face it, a blog is nothing without comments from your lovely followers. So as soon as I could I changed my lay-out to one of the standard ones, which I hate. My blog was looking all lame but at least the comment system was back up. There, problem fixed!

Right after that I could not look at my blog for a minute longer so I decided to at least make a header for it. I am fully aware that it's far from perfect but it's only my first try using Photoshop. I think it's cute!
Of course the header looked kind of silly against a white background so I tried making one of those myself as well. It won't win a prize for best looking background, especially since it doesn't connect seamlessly with the header but hey! I sure did make something I like a whole lot better than those standard lay-outs.

So there you are guys, I got the comment system back up and I have a header with Unicorns. What more can you wish for? Let me know what you think.

Have a good day!