I am back and I'm all Lovie Dovie!

Hello there beautiful!

Yes I am back from being gone far too long.
"But.. Why did you abandon us for so long?"

Well to be short and frank about it: I got sick and tired of my own blog.
I just didn't like it at all, couldn't be bothered with it and the uploading and editing of pictures was getting all annoying so I decided to give it a break. Besides I had the feeling that gazillion beautyblogs were popping up out of nowhere, pretty much all with the same subjects and products so I felt unnecessary.

How ever! I have been dying to get back to it, so that's what I did. I gave my blog the make-over it deserved (I mean.. those dark colours were SO fall/winter!) and have something fun to share with you.

Have you ever heard of Essie nail polishes? I had but for a long time I was only able to buy them online with a price tag of €13,- and added shipping costs. So I never bought any because I thought that was a bit much.
Lucky for me they now sell Essie in a few drugstores here in Holland with a slightly better price tag of €9,99 This week Etos even has a €2,- discount. So I went ahead and treated myself to a few.

Left to right: Lovie Dovie, In Stitches, Chocolate Cakes and Sew Psyched.

Lovie Dovie is a creamy bubblegum pink. This might sound unbelievable to some but I honestly did not have a bubblegum pink in my stash yet! It's really cute, in real life it is slightly brighter. Big plus: it makes my hands look more tan. Picture of me wearing this is somewhere below, it just really doesn't do the colour justice.

In Stitches is an dirty rosy pink. What I love most about it is that it's pink, but not really. I wore this one and it lasted up to 4 whole days without chipping. Only needed two coats. I love it!

Chocolate Cakes is a vampy brown with a red undertone. So far my stash also lacked brown colours so I thought I'd give this one a try. It looked interesting to me and I hope it really looks like liquid chocolate on my nails.

Sew Psyched is one of those polishes I had on my wishlist since the first time I saw swatches of it floating around the internet. It was the last bottle in the display so I grabbed it as fast as I could. It's a greyish green colour with silver micro shimmer in it. A very strange yet beautiful colour, definitely a unique one in my stash.

Here's Lovie Dovie on my nails

base coat, 2 coats Lovie Dovie, 2 coats top coat

So like I said this picture doesn't do the colour (nor my skintone!) any justice. The polish looks very pale and so do my fingers... In real life it is a lot more vibrant. I cannot stop looking at my nails, I love this colour so much! Application was real nice and smooth, too bad my top coat is old and thick so it caused some bubbles ):

Fun facts for my Dutch readers:

Essie nailpolishes are now available at Etos and DA and cost €9,99 a bottle.
They only have a 100 different shades but trust me, there is something for every taste.

Have a wonderful day! Oh and please tell me,

What is your absolute favourite colour to wear on your nails?