Let's get creative!

As I was going through all the YouTube videos I've missed the past weeks I came across a video by JLovesMac1 called Motivation to GET FIT. Besides the fact that she's giving tips about how to get your ass off the couch and get working on those work outs, she also showed how to make a Dream Board.
A Dream Board is pretty much just a decorated piece of cardboard/canvas filled with images of your dreams and desires, just for that extra bit of motivation, that you can put together yourself.
If you want to watch the video click here

Today I decided to make one from absolute scratch, since we had no cardboard or empty canvases laying around. I used the lid of a shoe box instead since it kind of works as both. I also used a lot of gift-wrap paper to cover it's ugliness and every H&M magazine and catalog I could find. Of course a pair of scissors would come in handy, some glue (I used a stick and spray) and maybe some markers or stickers or other decorative stuff.

So this is what mine turned out to be. Nothing spectacular but I like it for a first try. I covered the outside of the lid with glue spray all over and just stuck a huge piece of gift-wrap to it and wrapped it around the entire outside and sides. The inside was also covered in glue spray and I covered that with regular print paper, which you can still see it in the bottom left corner.. Then the fun can begin! Just start browsing through magazines, newspapers or any other thing you can think of for inspirational pictures. Draw stuff on yourself or just write words down that mean something to you. Mine was inspired by my dream of being a Stylist, though I did a bad job making that clear haha (:

Steal the style / Just add glitter

Urban Goth
A long dramatic silhouette in all black becomes city friendly with cuff bracelets and ankle boots.

I covered the word glitter with a nail art striper and some holo glitters,
unfortunately it was impossible to capture on camera. 

This is the gift-wrap paper I used, isn't it cute?

So for me this was more of a trial version, I will make a better one about weight loss, healthy living and working out because those are things I need LOADS of motivation for. I need a good reminder to keep going and that one has to look absolutely perfect. Of course you don't have to make an inspirational board, just get creative every once in a while and be surprised by what you can do!

I hope I inspired you to get creative (: Please send me pictures if you made something like this!