Day 2

How did you learn to put on make-up?

How I learned it is a combination of trying things myself and the world wide web.
YouTube had the biggest part in the whole process.
When I like something I tend to teach myself how to do it, get more information about the subject and I keep trying. When it comes to make-up the keep trying part is very important, because you will get better at it! The same goes for applying nail polish; practice makes perfect! 

Where I learned most about applying make-up, different type products and what crease/brow bone/lid etc is was YouTube. I watched videos from all sorts of gurus and copied their looks. I guess those gurus are the reason I got addicted to make-up.. Thank you for that! :D

Through YouTube I got to the blogs and blogs also teach me a lot. At the moment I follow 85 blogs and 50 YouTubers. I still learn a lot from them and they keep inspiring to keep on trying and try new stuff. And they still make me buy more.. Can be a downside sometimes :P


How did you learn to put on make-up?