Day 1


When did you start putting on make-up?

Well I guess when I was very little, around 4 years old I guess, I got one of those make-up play sets. You know that horribly smelling lipstick and creamy eye shadow stuff in a pink box with body glitter and hair mascara and what not. A guarantee for good fun! I loved playing dress up so make-up was fabulous, especially the blue eye shadows of course.

The real make-up started when I was around 13. At first it was still very subtle. I had a gold and a green shimmery eye shadow that I used to death. Well actually I still own them and they are very much alive!
After a year or so I bought some mascara and black eye pencil and my raccoon eyed years begun. Later on black eye shadow and black lipstick came into my possession as well, I even had a dark purple lipstick! Yes, I was sooo goth back then! I had no clue whatsoever about real make-up and when I look back at those pictures now I wish no one ever had taken pictures of me back then!

Oh yeah, I look SO wrong! But thank god back then all the peeps I hung out with looked like this. Else I'd have been forever alone.. Nowadays I stay very far away from dark eye pencil. These sort of disasters should definitely be avoided. And don't even get me started on the disastrous hair!

Around what time did you really start using make-up?