Tag: What makes you happy?

I found this tag on MyCherise.nl
It was originally Dutch so I translated the questions quickly.

Van welke mensen om je heen word je blij?
Van welke make-up producten word jij blij?
Van welke film(s) word je blij?
Van welke muziek word jij blij?
Van welke internet site word je blij?
Van welk eten word je blij?
Van welke momenten word je blij?
Met welke eigenschap van jezelf ben je blij?
Van welke hobby word je blij?

Read on if you're curious about my answers (:

Which people around you make you happy?

Definitely my two best friends. I think they are most important to me. They always know how to make me laugh and feel happy. Also we can have great, deep conversations, something I can't have with everyone.
I do miss that they're not as make-up/nail polish crazy as I am though, but at least they don't mind that I am.

What make-up products make you happy?

Nailpolish and eyeshadow! Polish is like therapy to me. There's no psychiatrist in the world that can achieve the calm and relaxed feeling I get when I do my nails. Eyeshadow is also a wonderful product to play with and to make your eyes stand out. I am pretty creative by nature so sometimes I just enjoy creating something unusual.

What kind of movie makes you happy?

It might be a little cheesy but I really love romance. Whether it's a romantic comedy or somewhat of a drama kind of movie, when there's romance I just love it. I am a hopeless romantic. The only downside to that is that I expect too much from guys, so that's probably why I'm still single...

 What kind of music makes you happy?
Music I can sing to. At first I thought it would be music I could dance to, but singing is way more important to me. I loooove Disney songs, they're nice and theatrical. But popsongs are just as good. Another type of music that really makes me happy lately is Dubstep. I turn that volume way up, even though it might not be that good for my hearing, and then I just enjoy the bass! A good dubstep song can make me feel sooo good. 

Which website makes you happy?

This one's tough... I think I can narrow it down to three websites.
Bloglovin' (because I can easily keep track of my favorite blogs)
Youtube (to see my fave guru's, funny videos and music videos)
Weheartit (because they just have the most amazing pictures!)

What kind of food makes you happy?

Good food. Something that was made with love and looks amazing. I enjoy a beautiful salad, a good cooked steak, a home made pie or a delicious bowl of noodles way more then a burger at McDonald's or a sandwich at Subway. Though I have to admit, instant noodles can make me go YAY pretty easily, but I just really love my noodles!

What moments make you happy?
Moments where I can be proud of myself. 'Cause those moments don't happen often. I guess I'm very hard on myself and not easily satisfied and also I barely even notice when I do something good. It's easier for me to pick out the things I do wrong instead of the things I do right. So when there's a moment where I can actually say I'm proud of myself I really enjoy it.

Which one of your qualities makes you happy?

The only quality I know is pretty unique and I am very proud of. I can pretty much see a persons personality, behavior, strength and weaknesses when I see them for the first time. It works best if I don't talk to them. I have very good judgment when it comes to people and I can instantly see if they are worth my time. I can spot when they aren't sincere, either towards me or people close to me. Too bad not everyone listens to my opinion and they make the mistake to hang out with the wrong crowd.

What hobby makes you happy?
Polishing my nails! (:
Like I said before, it's like therapy to me. But doing make-up in general is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it's for fun and not really to wear out. Reading is my second favorite hobby, because I love getting lost in another world. Again romance is my fave thing to read about.

I like doing tags from time to time and I know a lot of you do as well. So please feel free to do this one and let me know when you did, I'd love to read your answers!