China Glaze - Kaleidoscope Him Out

Holographic, light blue and just really pretty.
My second holo polish and I'm extremely happy I came across it.
Keep in mind though, these were taken with my old camera.

Wooh.. lots of pictures maybe, but holos deserve that (:

The polish itself is an icy light blue color, in the shade it just looks like it has millions of glitters. But when there's enough lighting (either sun or artificial) those glitters come alive and make a rainbow on your nails.
The effect is not as strong as GOSH - Holographic, but it still is awesome.
Unfortunately one of the bad things about holographic polishes is the fact that they chip super fast. I wore the polish for about a day when I took the pictures and there's chips already.  

I bought this at a little shop that mainly sells hair products for barbers etc. but they also sell stuff for nail artist and salons. The polish cost me €6,95 which is quite a regular price for China Glaze. We have a couple of stores like this in Tilburg but most of them don't have a lot of polishes to choose from. Ah well, the few pretties they have save me shipping costs (:

Oh and lately I have been thinking to start a new blog. It would still be a beauty blog, but I just don't like the name or some of my posts. I'd like a fresh start, but I'm not sure if i should do it (I might lose almost all followers..) Maybe I should just delete a lot of posts and just refresh this blog?
If you have any tips, please share!