I lost my virginity

Well in a way I did.

It all started one night when I was a little drunk.

So yeah, I lost my virginity when it comes to tattoos.
And yes I am very happy about it! I got the tattoo with my friend. She got the idea when we were drunk. The day after we still thought it was a grand idea, so we decided to go through with it (:
I got it behind my right ear, she got it behind her left. So there is no deep thought behind it, it's just a different aproach to a friendship ring I guess. I'm sorry about the picture quality though, my friend isnt't really a good photographer... And I didn't feel like editing them all, since that takes too long.

The girl that did our tattoos was super awesome (: She's still learning, but I think she is pretty good already.
I will definitly be getting another tattoo, but not for a while 'cause I have more plans. It didn't really hurt and I feel pretty bad ass so yeah, I would like some more.

Oh and tomorrow I'm going to Utrecht for my appointment at the Benefit Brow Bar. So after the weekend you can expect a post about that. So far, I'm loving life as a 21 year old woman!

Have a great weekend!