Tag: Top 10 Award

Yaay a new tag! (:
Yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Sanne from Books&Beauty. Thanks for this fun (but dificult!) tag!

The tag comes with some rules:
Thank the person that tagged you and link to their blog.
Put the top 10 award picture on your blog
Put up a list of your top 10 beauty products
Tag 10 other bloggers

Sooo... here we go, a top 10 of my favorite beauty products:
(in random order)

  1. SkinFood Peach Sake BB Cream
  2. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
  3. Lush Lipscrub in Bubblegum
  4. Lush Lemony Flutter
  5. Essence Black Mania mascara
  6. Catrice Lashes to Kill mascara
  7. MAC sheertone blush in Coygirl
  8. Barry M blush in Strawberry
  9. Etos Eyeshadow Base
  10. essence Eyebrow Stylist set

And now the hardest part!

Tagging 10 other bloggers... I'll try to pick some that deserve more attention, instead of all the obvious.

  1. mylifeasteri.blogspot.com
  2. nailfairytale.blogspot.com
  3. annelovees.blogspot.com
  4. baroquebeauty.blogspot.com
  5. beautynspice.nl
  6. petticoatsandpinup.blogspot.com
  7. veiled-beauty.blogspot.com
  8. pinkbeautycase.blogspot.com
  9. www.nailartcreations.nl
  10. muffinsattiffanys.blogspot.com

Pffff.... that took me a while because lots of people already had this tag. Also finding blogs that are worth mentioning that are still blogging is tough. I follow gazillions of blogs only through GFC and that was a tough cookie :P But hopefully you will check out their blogs and see what their top 10 is (:

If I didn't tag you and you want to do this tag, please do so! And let me know because I'm always curious about other peoples answers ^^

Lots of love,