Multicolored multidimension

I KNOW! It's been ages since you've seen my nails. Not that you care about them :P But that also means that I haven't showed you any new nail polishes or super sexy mani's...
The reason why I haven't showed you anything lately is because
I failed.

I completely bit off all my nails out of stress for some shitty reason and so far they haven't grown back.

But I couldn't keep this lovely manicure from you guys, so here you go!

Go on for more pics

I couldn't pick just a few pictures so I posted all of them (:
Anyways, this is a black polish covered in 2 different kind of flakies. Impressive huh?
Super easy with an amazing effect.
I just wish my nails had that length again... Seriously for me that was the longest they've ever been :P

What do you think of this mani?