Gotta love experimenting!

Do you guys ever feel the need to be really creative? Lately I really did, but I didn't know what to do. A few days back I saw a make-up look by MissLipgloss and I immediately knew what to do! 

I wasn't as subtle as she was, but then again this was my first time trying both glossy eyes and mascara smudges so of course it had to go wrong (A) I don't have camera shots, but just a few quick webcam shots. Photobucket wasn't working (again) so I figured I could just upload a few quick shots (:


I'm not too happy about how it turned out, but hey it was my first attempt! And it doesn't always have to be super neat right? 
So I used a berry color and a purple color on my lids up until my brow bone. In the inner corners I used a bit of bright pink. But when I put the Vaseline over my eyelid it somehow turned a little orange.. It's probably my skin color shining through. Then I grabbed an old mascara I don't like to use and started smudging. I guess it wasn't the right type of mascara because it has a hard plastic brush instead of the normal brush so it didn't look as good. I figured to just mess around with it and see what I'd end up with. 

Pretty easy to do actually, it's all just about daring and doing. Besides, if I really want to be a make-up artist I should be able to try things and not be afraid of new stuff!

Do you ever experiment with make-up, or do you like to play it safe?