Spam away!

So I figured, since this blog won't be used by me (a lot) for a while, I might as well make it a place for you to use (: Also I really like to discover new blogs and I think there are still many blogs out there that could use some more followers. And yes, I still read blogs! I read, comment and discover but I won't write for a while.

Rules? Oh yes..
1. Your blog doesn't have to be about beauty at all! It could be nails, fashion, photography, lifestyle.. Anything!
2. Advertise yourself positively! Nothing negative in there is allowed, so don't go saying it's not that good but.. NO! You have your blog because you like it and you're leaving your link here because you want to share! If you don't then please don't even bother...
3. If you don't have a blog you can also tell us about a blog you really like (:
4. I'm not saying it's not allowed, but if your blog is pretty well known I'd rather you talk about one that deserves more followers ;) 

I really hope you enjoy spamming!
Sell yourself, leave your link and discover (: