This is what should have been...

So this was actually the post I was writing when I spilled my drink over my laptop. It was actually saved but it sucked so I decided to do it over. 

This was a make-up look that was requested by a girl I know. Check out her youtube here.
She described it as a junkie look, so I did too.

This was my very first attempt to do a full tutorial and my first attempt with a voice over. Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore because it seems to give me bad luck. Anyway if you want to see the video you know what to do!

I myself think it's pretty crappy, but I'm a perfectionist and I'm never happy about anything I do so...
Lucky enough I already uploaded the pictures to Photobucket (:

So that's all I can give you for now, hopefully you liked it ^^

And as far as other posts go... My depression is at it's worst right now, haven't been this deep into it for a while. It sucks because all I want to do is lay in bed, under the covers and cry. I do drag myself out of bed, I spend my days on the couch reading. At the moment I'm reading a how to book on staying alive if there would be a zombie infestation. You never know when it comes in handy right? Not that it matters, because I couldn't even care if zombies came to eat my brain. My brain is pretty much shit right now, only keeping my alive and kicking because that's what it's supposed to do. Emotional wise I'm a big mess.. I feel either really sad, extremely angry or nothing what so ever. So there's why I'm not going to be putting up much posts either. No laptop, no pictures, not even the will to get out of bed is pretty difficult to keep up the happy posting.

Until next time!