Itty Bitty, Teeny Weeny Haul

Yay! More polish (:
I am seriously getting heavily addicted to polish! 9 out of 10 times the first thing I do when I wake up is my nails. 
So yes I am extremely happy with my new buys, especially the one from H&M!!

1 China Glaze - Kaleidoscope Him Out : €6,95
2 Essence; Nail Art Twins - Edward : €1,79
3 H&M - Cracked Nail Polish : €2,95
4 Essence - Loop File : €1,29
5 Catrice; Absolute Eye Colour mono - Gilbert's Grapefruit : €2,79
6 Lightline - Haarkur : €0,00
7 (not in picture) Kruidvat - Cotton Pads : €1,09

I finally own Edward! ♥ Oh how I longed for this moment... *sigh* I'm being silly of course, I'm not that obsessed! But I do really love how this sparkely, glittery polish looks in the bottle.

SURPRISE! ^^ A crackling polish by H&M, how cool is that?! I know right...
I was totally bummed out that the essence one seems to be sold out forever because so far I've only seen the white crackle. So when I was strolling through H&M I found out that all their polishes were gone. I freaked a little and started a search party (well, I was with one friend...) until I stumbled upon something awesome. Somewhere at feet level i saw these cool looking little boxes so I bent over to see what they were. I nearly fainted (well, almost, ask my friend!) when I realized it was crackle polish. It seriously made my day (:

Just a rounded nail file. I discovered that my nails are a lot stronger when they are oval then when they are squared! This just comes in handy to keep them well rounded in stead of crooked.

Got this for free with my CG polish, will be trying it soon. 

If you change polish almost on a daily base, you often run out of cotton pads. This time I went for a bigger pack. Next time I'll just buy a shit load that'll last me ages!

Crackle Polish - Kaleidoscope Him Out - Edward

 Crackle over Daisy - Peppermint Fusion - Let me in Pink - Minnie

A small but satisfying haul! (:
If anyone wants to see swatches, looks or reviews, leave a comment!