Graffiti Nails

As soon as I was done shooting the pictures for my haul post I immediately wanted to try out the awesome graffiti like nail art that I've seen floatin around the interwebs.

Picture from Serena @ Beautylab
I've been dying to try this mani and here's how I did it. Easy peasy!

Polishes used:
Essence Lime up!
Essence Sundancer
H&M Bella's Choice
H&M Minnie
Barry M Indigo

Next I just placed the colors randomly on my nails. Started out with yellow, the lightest color. Next time I should start with the pink because the one is a lot more pigmented and covers the yellow too much.

This is my right hand, a little awkward. All the polishes are on, not too neat and it didn't turn out like I wanted to but for a first time I was satisfied. Next time I should try H&M Blue my Mind instead of Indigo because you barely see the crackle in Indigo.


Final result. Overall I was very pleased (: Next time I'll try it a little bit differently, but I will be doing this mani again ^^

I had lots of more pictures, but for some reason photobucket was being a douche and changed my pictures every time. Lame!

Do you own a crackle polish yet?