Benefit Brow Treatment

Yup, I won (:

I will finally have pretty brows!
My brows are a nightmare to me, simply because they are (well to me at least) so different from each other.
I'd say they are my biggest insecurity after my teeth. And every time I try to get them equally shaped, but they only get thinner instead of better looking. My left eyebrow is quite sparse, as if at some point lots of hairs decided they didn't want to be there anymore. My right brow feels quite heavy on my face and to me it looks like it's just hanging there... That's why I got my bangs on that side ^^ "Bald" eyebrows can be filled in, weirdo brows are just hard to handle.

Anyways, I am super excited!
I'm going to the benefit Brow Bar at the Sephora in Utrecht. First time I visit both a Sephora and a Brow Bar, so that's double the fun ^^ I'm going with my best friend but she isn't that much into make-up so I'm affraid I'll bore her to death at Sephora :P It will be a fun day out for the two of us though!

And yes, I'll write a post on it ;)