Pretty Purples Comparison

Today I don't have the next chapter to Penny Rosewood. I haven't been very inspired this week to keep on writing so.. I have nothing! ): I hope you understand.

Instead I have a comparison between a couple of purples. No plain purples but pretty shimmery ones.

I will be comparing Barry M - Vivid Purple(VP) to Essence - Rock it, baby!(RiB!) and Claire's - No Label, No Name(NLNN).
Barry M and Essence are, so far, my favorite purples.

VP - RiB! - NLNN

 As you can see Barry M and Essence are very similar.
But are they dupes?

Natural lighting, 1 coat
Artificial lighting, 1 coat
Natural lighting, 2 coats
Artificial lighting, 2 coats

Verdict: Nope!

NLNN doesn't even come close, but I do think it's pretty. This is a lighter purple with a little pink in it. Also it's loaded with silver shimmers. RiB! has a whole lot of blue shimmer in it. More blue than pink/purple so it looks a lot cooler.  VP is warmer, I think it has a more red undertone. I must say that now I've seen it compared to RiB! I love VP a lot more. It's just a lot warmer and has a pretty shimmer to it. RiB! just looks like it was layered with a pearl finish topcoat with a ton of blue shimmers. I'm not sure if that even makes sense :P

Barry M polishes cost €3,99 on Alice and Jo's havesentials and £2,99 on BarryM.com 
The Essence polish is not available anymore. At least not that I'm aware of. So if you liked it, Vivid Purple is a good alternative. You could always layer it with a frost/pearl finish polish. Essence polishes cost you only €1,29 I believe and they are pretty good. Well most of them anyway.
The polish by Claire's is pretty old so I'm not sure if it's still available. I think it's about €2,95/€3,95 so still budget proof. When you're located in the UK it'll cost you around £2 

Which polish did you like best?