Nana's Music: New Faves

So at the moment I have a few new favorite songs I listen to. Songs I can play over and over again.
Just like almost everybody else I cannot go a day without music. And I have a lot of music, so sometimes I just have a hard time figuring out what I want to listen to. Mostly I start off with the same songs every time and go from there (:

Sit back and enjoy Nana's current faves!

I friggin LOVE this song!!!! It's so awesome and genius! Also it is a fantastic song to sing. I can't get it out of my head.

Another one by Rihanna. California King Bed. A beautiful song in my opinion. No fancy lyrics, just pretty. Another great song to sing. I am becoming a bigger fan of Rihanna because she has both dance songs and sing along songs. Okay that sounds a bit weird though. Oh and I think Rihanna is really gorgeous, with the red hair and all (:

Nananananana! This song could be on repeat for a big part of my day. It's super catchy and fun. I love singing along to it (even though I don't do My Chemical Romance very well! :P) and just dance to it in my chair.

Hmmmm..... (: I love these type of songs! You can just bounce along to them, sing along and feel happy. These are the type of songs almost everyone will sing along to.

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said
'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
Gotta love that song! I like making up a dance to it, though I know I look like a total ass :P And well, I'm a fan of Pretty Little Liars so I can't not like it. Since every friggin episode starts with that song!

Dubstep!♥ I love it.. This is a really amazing song and it blows me away every time! If anyone knows any other stuff I could listen to, you're more than welcome to drop me a comment on that (:

And last, but most definitely not least. The one, the only...

Lady Gaga with Judas. This song.. OMG! It's great (: Wasn't really that into Gaga anymore lately but this song was like... BAM in my face! The video is just amaaaazing! The make-up, clothing, storyline is all awesome. And the lyrics are good as well. Yup.. Loving this song.

These were a couple of my new favorites. I can't put them all up here of course.
What are your current favorites and what did you think of mine?